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My Story

It was not so long time ago that I was feeling crushed under society pressure to be fit/successful/happy, overwhelmed by job and relationship related stress, fed up with sleepless nights and tired mornings. Meanwhile, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Overall, I was feeling so unhealthy and stuck. 


Through my searches, I came across with Functional Medicine which is a holistic approach to health and focuses on implementing lifestyle changes around healthy eating, physical activity, stress management, relationships and sleep. I decided to follow this approach and started to integrate small healthy habits to restore my energy, to reach and keep my ideal weight, to strengthen my body and the immune system within my own pace and according to my circumstances. Throughout the time, I observed that these habits were sustainable only when I “wanted” to implement them – not because I “should”.  These small steps helped me to feel mentally and physically healthier, purposeful in my job, balanced in my relationships and positive about the future and today, I am still committed to continue my life long journey towards my health and wellness goals.


I have been working in pharmaceutical industry for nearly 20 years, supporting patients' health as part of conventional medicine approach. The positive results that I have been observing in myself encouraged me to become a functional medicine health coach to continue supporting people's health from another perspective. I received my coaching education from Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and I am trained on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction techniques.

I wanted to tell my story not only to inspire and empower the lovely women who are reading these lines but to let you know that as a Functional Medicine Health Coach, I am here to support you in your health and wellness journey. 


Stay healthy!

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